Rolfing® Structural Integration with its 10 sessions is a holistic and process oriented method for health and well being. The method was created by Dr. Ida Rolf ( Ph.D. in biochemistry) in the 1930s. She was interested in how to use the elasticity of the fascia in regards to medical care of physical problems. She regarded gravity as a healing force.

What you do with the Rolfing sessions is to work with the fascia of the body through manipulation (preassure and massage techniques), movement and education to make gravity flow through the body in such a way that it nurises the body instead of being something we fight.

Injury, stress and trauma affects the fascia, makes it shorter, thicker and less elastic. Movement patterns such as long hours infront of a computer screen affects the fascia.

Rolfing helpts the fascia regain its elasticity, vigour and vitality so the different parts of the body can move better independently but also better together. It costs less energy to move, to sit, to walk and to breath. It costs less energy to be you.

Rolfing is to go to the root of your symptoms that show in your posture or appear as pain. Everything you have in your body, tension or pain, is there for a reason. Rolfing is a chance of reclaiming knowledge or movement and freedome that your body always have had, but has been hidden and forgotten behind layors of habit, a posture your culture or context tells you to have, one sided movement, stress etc.

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We want to get a man out of the place where gravity is his enemy.  We want to get him into the place where gravity reinforces him and is a friend, a nourishing force.
Ida P. Rolf, Ph. D