Workshop:Rolf Movement and Somatic coaching  

When we are challenged, threatened or hurt, our natural tendency is to constrict or collapse our attention, breathing, posture, vision and movement—which is experienced as such states as fear, anger, effort, strain, shock, weakness, resignation, dissociation and so on.

In task performance, these physical responses interfere with planning and physical coordination. In situations of conflict, these powerful physical patterns undermine people’s ability to think rationally, interact empathically, and act peacefully. When the physical response patterns get locked into the body.

By learning how to open and balance your body, breath, and attention, you can create a physical and mental state of relaxation, expansiveness, calm alertness, and compassionate power. This state of mind/body integrity is the foundation for overcoming the distress response and for handling life’s challenges effectively, this can be applied right away in our clients and  with all situations of our daily life.

We will explore specific body areas with easy and  fun exercises done individually , pairs and in group dynamics, We will also use different tools, like balls , rings and rollers to develop our awareness to these areas.

Themes we will work with :

  • Change is only possible with awareness. Awareness and options.
  • Breathing: the whole, relaxation and action. Self care exercises
  • Feet: support and push. Line of forces. The importance of the triangle of support. Nervous system
  • My hands: my relationship with others and with myself.
  • Centering and Distraction
  • Lines of force and action. Muscle contractions Unnecessary tension Conflict.
  • What I communicate with the body, what others perceive of me. Body coherence.

Date: February 26

Time: 18.00 – 21.00

Price: 550 SEK

Location: Terassen, Hälsans Hus, Fjällgatan 23B, Stockholm, Sweden

How to apply: send an email to with your name and address (and other invoice information). You have secured your space at the workshop as soon as you have payed the invoice.

About Bibiana Badenes

Bibiana Badenes is an influential somatic educator from Benicasim, Spain, where she oversees an innovative body-mind rehabilitation program for rheumatoid arthritis patients and stress management clients. She is the head of Kinesis, a somatic therapy clinic. Trained as both a Physical Therapist graduated from the University of Valencia and an Advanced Certified Rolfer and Rolfing Movement Practitioner, Bibiana works with a wide variety of patients and different conditions, from sports people to children and the elderly, she also offers somatic coaching for business people and for teachers. She has worked with Swedish patients since the year 1998 in residential programs in Spain, and has treated more than 3000 Swedish patients with different conditions.  20Bibai Her love and enthusiasm for healing work and for people is immediately evident in her whole being, and in the vast number of programs she has created to assist people to realize their potential in body, mind, heart and spirit.

A pioneer in connecting and building bridges of contact among distinct therapeutic disciplines, Bibiana searches for an inter-disciplinary dialogue through health which can be accessible to everyone . She created and directs  the Congress: Bodywisdom Spain to fulfill this vision

She also trained as an Embodiment Facilitator in 2016. And Leader as Coach from Columbia  Uniersity , NY.

She has remained at the leading edge of Body Mind treatments and education in southern Europe as well as enjoying a rich family life with her husband and 3 children, ah and her dog.


With appreciation

Bibiana Badenes